Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program

Scholarship program

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress presents the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program. This program is available to assist employees of NRCA contractor and supplier members. Employees and their families who plan to pursue post-secondary education in college and vocational programs are eligible for the merit-based scholarships. Scholarship recipients will receive funding for up to four years of full-time study at any accredited post-secondary institution of the student's choice.

The purpose of the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program is to assist individuals seeking to further their education to pursue careers in the roofing or building construction industries (which includes architecture; business management; civil, mechanical or structural engineering; and construction management majors).

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services,® a division of Scholarship America.® Scholarship Management Services is the nation's largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.

Donate today

Please consider giving generously and making a commitment! Our campaign goal is to raise $700,000 in gifts to fulfill our overall goal of a $2 million endowment so we can distribute 25 $5,000 scholarships annually.

The Alliance has a history of commitment to education, training and scholarship and when you donate to the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program, you help shape the future of the roofing industry, one student at a time.

Donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions to the extent permitted under federal tax law and can be paid over a period of up to and including five years.

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A personal legacy

You also can make your mark on the future of the roofing industry by establishing a scholarship in your name or your company's name. When you make a commitment of $50,000, you can choose to name the scholarship and participate in the selection of the recipient each year.

Following are the named scholarships which, with the exception of the Firestone Scholarships, are awarded on an annual basis through the general Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program: Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.; Dan Cohen Scholarship; Firestone Scholarship; Fred Good Scholarship and OMG Roofing Products.


We wish to thank the individuals and organizations who have made generous contributions to the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship fund which enable us to award scholarships.

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2016-17 scholarship winner

To view the recipient of the 2016-17 scholarships, click here.

Details for the 2018-19 Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship program and the application guidelines will be available September 2017.

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